Kelly Overstreet, President of the Chesterfield Jaycees is 'Captured at Camp' as part of a fundraiser for Camp Virginia Jaycee

The gavel banged to open the first ever meeting of the Chesterfield Junior Chamber on the evening of March 28, 1952. The organization was affiliated into the Jaycees’ movement by the Richmond Jaycees to serve the needs of the individuals and communities in South Richmond and Chesterfield County.

From the first day the Chesterfield Jaycees’ small group of 26 charter members took on several ambitious projects to enhance the lives of thousands in Chesterfield County. The newly chartered Jaycees formed Chesterfield Little League Baseball, the erection of street signs in Chesterfield, a county-wide get out the vote program, the first Miss Chesterfield Contest and established the county’s first Distinguished Service Award.

During the succeeding years the Chesterfield Jaycees grew in stature and prestige as well as membership, as many more projects were undertaken. A list of such accomplishments included the printing of “Know Your Chesterfield” booklets, which were put together by the Chesterfield Jaycees and distributed by the county to all its residents and newcomers. Some other projects were the Chesterfield County Field Day (now known as the County Fair), County Food Booth, the Jaycees’ Community Health and Improvement Project (“Stop Polio Sunday”), the Chesterfield Jaycees College Scholarship Award and the First Annual Political Beer Bust.

For decades past (and hopefully for decades to follow), the Chesterfield Jaycees have touched many lives through the various outside charities and chapter community outreach projects. Our long running annual Rainbow of Arts & Crafts Festival raises many of the funds used for the underprivileged. Another such impact project of this kind was the year that funds were raised to place the second neo-natal hearing machine for newborn infants in the entire United States at St. Mary’s Hospital of Richmond.

Since 1952, the Chesterfield Jaycees have also shown excellence as a local chapter outside of the more public community service projects. It has a storied past and consistently finished in the top of local Jaycee chapters in Virginia and has been nationally recognized by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce. In 1984 the chapter was the second-ranked chapter in Virginia and one of the biggest reasons the state went into the National Convention as the # 1 state Jaycee organization! In 1991 the USJCC awarded the Chesterfield Jaycees the coveted “Jaycee Creed Award” as the outstanding local chapter that best exemplifies every line of the Jaycee Creed.

In 1987, the Chesterfield Jaycees ended the year as the #1 local chapter in Virginia. And in 1992, history repeated itself as the Chesterfield Jaycees enjoyed its peek membership year to date (2004) with 373 members. The chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary as the #1 local chapter at the year-end Virginia Jaycee Convention in Richmond.

The Chesterfield Jaycees is indeed a chapter that has enjoyed a level of distinction and prestige while also “sharing the Jaycee dream” by helping 16 other communities start their own local Jaycee chapter over the years. Its long list of past members read like a who’s who of business and community leaders in Chesterfield County. Many small business owners, corporate CEO’s, lawyers, judges, local and state elected officials have talked about the importance of their personal involvement in the Jaycees!

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