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The Tuckahoe Jaycees were formed through an Extension of the West End Jaycees.

Traditionally, the Tuckahoe Jaycees have held projects that include BINGO with the Elderly, NASCAR concession fundraisers, White Water Rafting Trips, Project WARM (with Richmond , of course) and Fourth of July festivals.

The biggest question we usually get is “What/Where exactly is Tuckahoe?”

Like all Jaycees chapters in Virginia, there are not strict territorial boundaries to our membership, and we serve pretty much anywhere we want to, but if you’re not from Richmond and you seriously want to know where this place called Tuckahoe is read further.

The word ‘Tuckahoe’ was actually the name of an old area plantation which, at one point in time, covered a large part what Richmonders now refer to as Tuckahoe.  Today, the Tuckahoe area is pretty loosely defined, but traditionally it includes sections of Henrico county that are West of the City, North of the River and South of Broad Street.  Lakeside and Glen Allen run North of Broad. Tuckahoe includes sections of Monument Avenue, Horespen Road, Three Chopt Road, Patterson Avenue, Parham  Road, River Road, etc.

Again, don’t worry if you don’t live and/or work in that section of the Richmond metro area, you can still join the Tuckahoe Jaycees

For more information on the Tuckahoe Jaycees, visit our website

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