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***NEW SPRING CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM: Use this form to Register for the Virginia Jaycees Spring Conference 2010 held this May (21-23)  at the Richmond Airport Wyndham hotel in Richmond, VA.  Early bird registration deadline is May 6. Hotel rates are $75/night if you reserve under the Jaycees group!

Application Forms – Applications for Membership in the Jaycees, the Corps of Virginia Gentlemen, Camp Registration Applications, etc.

Fast Start Form – A Membership Involvement Tool.  This form is designed to help new members become involved with their respective chapters and to ensure that new members get a full introduction to the Jaycees.  This form can be helpful to hand out to new members at a new member orientation meeting.  This form is not a replacement or substitute for the Springboarding Process or the Springboarding Checklist Available in the Passport /Degrees Section of this site.

Monthly Filing Forms – Chapters are required to file monthly Membership Reports with the Virginia Jaycees on the 25th of every month.  Use this form to make sure your chapter keeps up to date.  Simply follow the link, then download as an Excel file or print and mail to the state office.

Visitation Forms – Official Document that may be used to record chapter member attendance at a visitation.  A visitation is official if at least two members from one local chapter (or one member from a local chapter and one state officer) attend a meeting or function of another local chapter.

Chairman’s Planning Guide (CPG) – This is the basic project management tool used by the Jaycees.  Every project should have a CPG.  If a project is not just conducted once, new information should be added to the CPG each time the project is run or each time it makes sense to do so.

Chapter Plan of Action Form – Local Chapters can use this form as a guide to help plan their year as a board.  It provides a framework to identify the strengths, weaknesses, plans, and expectations of your chapter.  After your board has completed this form, you should refer back to it periodically to see how your chapter is progressing towards achieving your goals.

Quarterly Business Report (Plan of Action Quarterly Evaluation) – Local chapters can use this form as a guide to review their progress toward the goals they set in the Chapter Plan of Action.  This report is used to help chapters determine how the previous quarter went, where the chapter currently stands and how the officers and members of the chapter are taking what they’ve learned previously and apply it into the coming quarter.  It includes any revisions to the Plan of Action.

State Officer Nomination Form – Official form to be used when nominating individuals to serve on the Executive Committee of the Virginia Jaycees (the state organization)

Extension Letter of Intent – All new chapters in the Jaycees are formed through a process called an extension whereby one chapter already in existence officially recruits at least 20 individuals to be the charter members of a new, separate local chapter.  This form is used by an existing chapter to notify the Virginia Jaycees Board of Directors of  its intent to create a new chapter.

Degrees of Jaycees Certification Form – includes Degree checklist.  This form is used to submit advancement paperwork for the Passport to Leadership Program (also known as Degrees of Jaycees)

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