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Richmond Membership Recruitment Event

Membership Recruiting Event

Jaycees Membership Application – customizable generic application for membership in the Jaycees, the most dynamic organization for young people in the world today.  Through the Jaycees, you can meet new friends, learn new management tools, and become a better leader.  Start on your journey to Jaycee Membership today by filling one out!

Corps of Virginia Gentlemen Application – The Corps of Virginia Gentlemen is an affiliate organization of the Virginia Jaycees.

It’s purpose is to raise funds for Camp Virginia Jaycee. Membership in the Corps is open to men and women who have renewed their membership in the Jaycees at least once, on the nomination of a dues-paid colonel in good standing.

Corps of VA Gentlemen Meeting

Camp Virginia Jaycee Camper Application Packet – Note, this application packet is for the 2009 Camp Year.  The 2010 camp packet will likely be different with different dates and requirements.  That packet will be uploaded as soon as it becomes available.  Until then, you can use this packet as a guide to determine what information will be needed.

Camp Sign

Entrance sign at Camp Virginia Jaycee in Blue Ridge, VA

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