Blue Chip & VA Cup

Blue Chip LogoThe Blue Chip Program is a program implemented by the United States Junior Chamber to help local chapter officers ensure that they are managing a well-rounded Jaycee chapter and allowing their members to access all the potential benefits of being a Jaycee.  The program is an annual program and requires year-round achievement.

Virginia Cup – is a competition among the various local chapters in the Virginia Jaycees. Like Blue Chip, it is intended to ensure that chapters in Virginia are well-rounded and are actively providing their members with the opportunities all Jaycee chapters should be providing to their members.  The progress of the various chapters is tracked through quarterly filings with the Virginia Jaycees using the VA Cup Checklist, and the chapter that has accumulated the most points using the checklist receives the VA Cup at the January meeting of the following year.

If a chapter completes all requirements for the Virginia Cup, then they also meet the requirements for Blue Chip.  Click here for the VA Cup checklist

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