Virginia Cup

The Virginia Cup is the trophy presented to the chapter that is rated ‘best’ in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The state board rates chapters based on a set of criteria developed to complement the Blue Chip program on the National Level.

Like the Blue Chip Program at the national level, the VA Cup Program is designed to ensure that chapters are providing all of the opportunities for their members that a good Jaycee chapter should be providing.  It is specifically designed to ensure that each Area of Opportunity in the Jaycees is available to all members of local chapters, and that chapter officers are working to develop and maintain strong, growing, well-rounded chapters.

Typically, a chapter that meets all the requirements for VA Cup (checks off all items on the VA Cup Checklist) is automatically eligible for Blue Chip Status on the National Level.

A chapter’s completion of VA Cup Checklist items is recorded through 5 filings the chapter makes per year to the VA State Board VA CUP chairperson (Amy Tenhouse for 2010).

Chapters file their paperwork with the Virginia Jaycees in the first week of February and then at the end of each calendar Quarter/First Day (or first business day) of each calendar quarter (April 1, July 1, October 1, January 1)

In order to receive full credit for project submissions, all 10 questions on a Chairman’s Planning Guide must be answered.  Supporting documentation should be included with filings.  Printscreens of associated websites, scanned visitation forms, etc. are acceptable for the purposes of VA Cup Paperwork.

Use the Virginia Cup Checklist to find specific deadlines for filing and to make sure your chapter has filed all the paperwork  it needs for a particular quarter.

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