Jaycee Jeopardy

Jaycee Jeopardy

Finalists compete in the 'Final Jeopardy' Round of the Jaycee Jeopardy competition

How can you be expected to lead a group or a company if you don’t know its culture or where it came from?

Jaycee Jeopardy provides Jaycee Members the opportunity to learn about the Jaycees in a fun competitive atmosphere.  The Jeopardy competition focuses on trivia about Jaycee history and structure.

The Jeopardy competition begins with a written test.  All contestants are given a test and asked to answer as many questions as they can in a given period of time.

After the written test portion of the competition, finalists are determined based on scores of the written test and are then brought in to compete against one another in ‘Final Jeopardy’-like public competition.  During this section of the competition, a moderator  asks questions of the finalists, and they write their answers to each of the questions down on cards or paper.  The competitor with the highest combined written and verbal test scores is the champion of the competition and is eligible to compete at the national level.

Local chapters may sponsor Jaycee Jeopardy competitors at the Virginia Jaycees’ Spring and Fall State meetings each year.

Local Presidents and state officers are prohibited from competing in the Jaycee Jeopardy competition.

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