Write Up

“The employee must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing…”

Anyone who has ever applied for a job has probably seen a line like the one above in position announcements or recruitment advertisements.  Written communication is still a vital aspect of the business/working world.  In fact, in today’s job market, companies and government agencies may often ask for a writing sample prior to hiring an individual.

How well do you write?  Could you provide a clear, concise and effective writing sample to a prospective employer (or even your current employer) if you were asked to do so?

The Write Up Competition is a competition designed to allow participants the opportunity to refine and strengthen their writing abilities in a fun way.

Like the Speak Up competition, there are two parts to the Write Up competition:  prepared and impromptu.

The prepared section of the Write Up competition uses the same topic as the prepared section of the Speak Up competition.  Participants are given a topic, selected by the Virginia Jaycees’ Vice President of Individual Development or by the Virginia Jaycees Competitions Program Director, usually a few weeks in advance of the state meeting at which the competition will be held.  Write Up participants use the topic to craft an essay of no more than 500 words and no less than 450 words.

The impromptu section of the Write Up competition is similar to the prepared section in that contestants are given a topic and asked to relate a Jaycee story, memory, theme, or moment to that topic.  In the impromptu section, participants are given a 30 minute time limit to write an essay of at least 200 words (500 words maximum).

Participants are expected to submit handwritten essays.  Some states may permit typed essays for the prepared portion of the competition, but nationals will require handwritten essays.

Local Presidents and state officers are prohibited from competing in the Write Up competition.

National Guidelines used for judging Write Up competitions can be found here

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