The Passport to Leadership Program, sometimes referred to as Degrees of Jaycees,  is a national program of achievement for all Jaycees managed by the U.S. Junior Chamber.

Jaycee members can complete requirements for up to 10 degrees of Jaycees. 10th Degree Jaycees can be called on as mentors and advisers of Jaycee chapters, and as trainers for Jaycee Presentations.

There are three distinct phases in the Passport to Leadership/Degrees Program: Involvement, Experience, and Leadership.

The first phase, Involvement (covering Degrees 1-3), is designed to help new Jaycees get more involved with their local chapters.

The second phase, Experience ( covering Degrees 4-6), is designed to track a members progress as he or she gains more experience in chapter activities and managing projects.

The third and last phase, Leadership (covering Degrees 7-10), is designed to track a member’s leadership involvement in the organization and his her ability to train and advise others.

Members can apply for each degree in the Passport to Leadership program using the degrees checklist and the certification forms found here.

New members who have been in the Jaycees less than a year can progress through the First three degrees (and the entire first phase of the Degrees program) through a process known as LEADERboarding.

A LEADERboard checklist form can be found here in Word format.

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