Degree Forms

Click the link below for a Certification form for the degree you are seeking to obtain.  You can apply for degrees retroactively (going back as much as 2 years), but generally speaking may not obtain more than one degree per quarter (3 month period).

Certification Checklist – Use this form for a listing of requirements for each degree

Certification Checklist Spreadsheet – The VA Jaycees have developed a spreadsheet to help members track their progress towards each respective degree & towards LEADERboard.  Click this link to access a copy of that Spreadsheet in Excel format. This is not an official form.  The official forms linked below must be completed to obtain degree certification.


1st Degree Certification

2nd Degree Certification

3rd Degree Certification


4th Degree Certification

5th Degree Certification

6th Degree Certification


7th Degree Certification

8th Degree Certification

9th Degree Certification

10th Degree Certification

*New members who have been in the Jaycees less than six months can progress through the First three degrees (and the entire Involvement phase of the Degrees program) through a process known as LEADERboarding.

A LEADERboard certification form can be found here.

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