The Book – It sounds like an odd title, but in it, this file contains information on running a healthy chapter, membership recruiting and training, how to effectively run meetings, etc.  While some of the specific names of programs and offices have changed or may differ, the concepts and duties are the same.  You can refer to this book for help and guidance in managing your chapter and it’s events.  You can also use it to find out how your chapter is supposed to run, at least in theory!

New Member Orientation Powerpoint:  Local Chapters may use this customizable Powerpoint developed by a former National President to use as part of a new member orientation program within your own chapter.

Corporate Recruiting Manual: This link will start the download of a Zip file that chapters may reference when planning  and conducting corporate recruiting events.

Individual Development Facilitator’s Guide:  This link provides a Guide for your ID VP’s, directors and project chairs to use while planning and conducting Individual Development Projects.

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