CPG Archive

This page will serve as an archive for all Chairman’s Planning Guides received by the Regional Director.  Any and all prize-winning projects will have their respective CPGs listed in the archives.

These archives may be used to by chapters to access new project ideas and see how other chapters throughout Virginia manage projects.  All chapters are encouraged to submit their own approved/suggested CPGs to the Regional Director for inclusion in this archive.   Partial CPGs will be accepted for inclusion and will be updated as chapters submit their CPGs to the Regional Director

Please click the links below to access the archives for each category.

CPG Archive By Area of Opportunity:

Business Area of Opportunity: generally includes various chapter fundraiser projects and events, or other projects designed to improve the overall financial and/or business status of a chapter. Examples include Christmas tree Lots, Bake Sales, Concerts, Concert Series, Boat Race fundraisers, Haunted Houses, etc.

Community Development Area of Opportunity: Projects focused on improving the community.  These are most often associated with community service but can include projects involving government and political involvement/awareness as well.  Examples include: Parades, Relay for Life, Park Improvements, Habitat for Humanity, Blood Drives, Cancer Research Fundraising, BINGO fundraisers, etc.

Individual Development Area of Opportunity:  This area includes projects and events designed to promote the individual growth and education of members.  They include seminars, classes, networking events, outings, JCI Trainings, trips, etc.

International Area of Opportunity: This area of opportunity includes projects that are focused on the second line of the Jaycee Creed (that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations).  These projects focus on expanding communication across international borders (projects like Twinning), and/or exposing Jaycee members to other cultures (or educating them about other cultures.  Examples include projects like International Street Fairs, Twinning, International Mascot Projects, Pen Pals, etc.

Note: The example projects listed above simply serve as examples of the types of projects that are included.  The listings are not exhaustive and it is very possible that your chapter could come up with new project ideas in each category.  Some projects may not fit easily into one of the categories above as they may blur the lines between different areas of opportunity.  Any CPGs that don’t fit easily into one Area of Opportunity will be included in the listing for every area they impact.

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